Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Obligatory "Taking the Plunge" Post

Who is Tyson Jouglet?

I am a relatively young techie who went to school wanting to become a Java developer. Despite spending numerous hours learning about Java and Object Oriented Programming methodologies my very first job in the programming world was working with Oracle Application Express (APEX) for a company in San Diego CA.  I spent a lot of my time converting Oracle Forms into APEX, becoming familiar with web application development and discovering what the Oracle Database can do. Little did I know what I got myself into...

I now work as a consultant in Huntsville AL developing APEX applications and find myself thoroughly enjoying what I do. When I am not working I am most likely spending time with my now 20-week-pregnant wife.

What to Expect

I primarily created this blog to discuss Oracle APEX and some of the techniques I have used to solve the challenges I have encountered at my daily job. Since web applications involve more than just simple HTML, you can expect to see posts related to some of the following technologies:

  • Oracle APEX
  • PL/SQL and Oracle Database development
  • JavaScript / jQuery
  • HTML / CSS
  • BI Publisher
  • XML / XSL-FO
Given the nature of the ever-expanding tool belt of developers, I am sure this list will continue to grow.

Most Importantly

I want to help you learn something new!


  1. Congratulations, Tyler. I look forward to your blog.

    And good luck with your baby. You can look forward to your hair (or lack of it) resembling mine.

  2. Welcome in the APEX Blogger Community!

  3. The blog looks great Tyson...congrats on this and the new addition to the Jouglet family. Now I know where to come when I need help!

  4. Thanks Debra. The little guy will be here shortly, only a few weeks left :)

  5. Wow!
    Have been wondering where to start converting my forms apps

  6. Hey Tyson
    Can you update this great blog with more details... Regards Oloo.